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Public health emergency preparedness involves planning and implementing programs to rapidly detect, investigate and control a number of threats that may endanger the health of the public. These threats include emerging infectious diseases, disease outbreaks, pandemics, chemical or radiological exposures, and bioterrorism. Jefferson County Health Department is working with medical and emergency response partners at the local, state, and federal level to ensure the most effective response to public health threats.

Be Prepared, Be Informed

The Jefferson County Health Department has become more aware of and better prepared for disasters, mass terrorism response and pandemics. The health department has become better prepared for a possible attack by WMD (weapons of mass destruction), including biological, chemical, radiological, and nuclear weapons. The health department has also become better prepared for natural disasters, (storms, floods, drought and long term power outages) and large communicable disease outbreaks and pandemics.

On the local level, the Jefferson County Health Department has been directed by the WV State Health Department to plan for and be able to respond to a biological attack (bioterrorism), and to integrate the response with that of the Local Office Of Emergency Services, Law Enforcement, Emergency Medical Services, and the local Emergency Planning Committee as well as the surrounding states and jurisdictions.

The Jefferson County Health Department will need the support of dedicated medical and non-medical professionals during the event of a disaster. Click the button below to learn about our volunteer recruitment program:


If you or a group of individuals are interested in taking a community based CPR/AED or First Aid Training course, please click the button below to register with our partners at the Jefferson County Emergency Services Agency, located at 419 16th st in Ranson, WV 25438.

Family Preparedness

Biohazards/Bioterrorism Agents and FAQ’s

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