Our mission is to protect the health of the public through the provision of public health services including communicable and reportable disease services, community health promotion, environmental health services and threat preparedness. This is accomplished through clinics, educational material, enforcement, disease control, planning, immunization, technical assistance and inspections. Our medical services are available to all persons regardless of race, color, sex, religion, national origin or ability to pay.

Contact the Jefferson County Board of Health at JeffersonBOH@wv.gov


Board of Health

Member                                                        Expiration

Karen Bailey Chapman – Chairperson         6/30/2026

Brandon Blake – Vice-Chairperson              6/30/2027

Ann Smith                                                     6/30/2028

Anh Nguyen                                                  6/30/2024

Elliot Simon                                                   6/30/2025

Jennifer Krouse                                             Ex-Officio

Board of Health Meeting Minutes

Minutes for previous Board of Health meetings are posted on this page once they are approved by the Board, typically at the next regular meeting, You can also view previous meetings at our YouTube Channel: JeffCoBOH WV.

Board of Health Meeting Agendas

Board of Health Meeting Agendas are posted on this page, at the Health Department, and at the County Courthouse. Regular meetings must be noticed at least 5 days before the meeting, special meetings at least 3 days. Emergency meetings will be given as much notice as possible. 

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