Meeting Schedule

NARCAN Training
Thursday October 27th
5:30 – 7:00 pm

In 2015, people in Jefferson County died from drug overdose at a rate of more than one a month, with no evidence rates have slowed significantly this year. Some of those deaths were preventable, had the individual been given the opioid overdose drug called naloxone, or Narcan. Please come to a free, community-wide training on how to administer Narcan nasal spray to an overdose victim. Participants will receive a certification of their training, and a prescription for Narcan nasal spray. When filled at a local pharmacy, Narcan is paid for in full by WV Medicaid.

The training will be Thursday October 27th from 5:30 – 7:00 pm, and will take place at Jefferson County Community Ministries, 238 W Washington St, Charles Town. If you are interested in attending, please email to reserve your space.

Friday, February 10, 2017 @10:00am
County Commission Meeting Room – Basement of Charles Town Library
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Call to Order:

Review of Agenda
Public Comment:

Old Business:

Presentation to County Commission – Discussion
How to appoint an Acting Health Officer – Discussion/Action
Memorial for Willis Nowell – Discussion/Action
New Business:

Agency Activity Report – Discussion
Health Administrator Activity Report – (Freeman)
Physician Director Activity Report – (Didden)
Environmental Activity Report – (Zaleski)
Medical Activity Report – (Bauserman)
Threat Preparedness Activity Report – (Pittinger)
Moving Forward: Report and Planning for Future Projects – Discussion/Action
Approval of January 13, 2017 meeting minutes – Discussion/Action
Approval of Payment of Bills and Financial Reports – Discussion/Action
Agenda is subject to change without notice. This means that the items may be discussed in a different order in which they are listed here. No items may be added to the agenda.
Board of Health Members:
Term Expires:
Robert Shefner, Chair
Lorena Nathan, Vice Chair
Ann Maddy Smith, Member
John Bresland, Member
Carmela Cesare, Member
Caleb Hudson, County Commissioner
Ex. Officio

*This meeting was noticed as follows: Public Notice locations: Courthouse and Public Services Building.

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