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New Food Establishments – Package

Food permit fees are based on number of seats and including or not including liquor license. Call the Health Department office for clarification.

How to Obtain a Health Department Permit to Operate a Food Establishment in Jefferson County

NOTE: A person may not operate a food establishment without a valid permit to operate (2005 FDA Food Code, 8-301.11).  Permits do NOT transfer with new ownership or management.

1. An applicant must submit an application for [wpfilebase tag=fileurl path=’food_safety/4Ba-FoodSafety-SF05.pdf’ linktext=’Permit to Operate (SF-05)‘ /] at least 30 calendar days before the date planned for opening a food establishment.

2. A Plan Review Information Report (SF-35) must be submitted. Floor plans showing location of all food service equipment, including manufacturer and model number for each item, must accompany the Plan Review Information Report.   NOTE:  All equipment must be commercial grade. Any exceptions must be approved by the health department.  A proposed menu must be included.

Plan Review Information Sheet

3. A pre-operational inspection must be done showing that the establishment is built in accordance with the approved plans and specifications and the establishment is in compliance with the 2005 FDA Food Code.

Pre-Operational Checklist

Obtain the Food Code:  The Food Code and other WV Regulations & Applications can be downloaded and printed from the WV Public Health Sanitation website.

Permit Period: Permits expire June 30th of each year and must be renewed by submitting a new application 30 calendar days before the expiration date of the current permit.

Food Manager Certification: There must be a certified food safety manager on duty at all times. The manager must have a current certificate from an accredited food safety course. Serv Safe Certification Courses are offered by the health department. Call 728-3306 to sign up for the next class.

Food Workers Training: All food employees must possess a valid food workers permit and participate in the yearly web food workers training class.


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