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Jefferson County Board of Health

Board of Health Members: Term Expires:
Karen Bailey-Chapman, Chair 06/30/2026
Anh Nguyen, Vice-Chair 06/30/2024
Ann Smith, Member 06/30/2023
David Lutman, Member 06/30/2022
Elliot Simon, Member 06/30/2025
Caleb Hudson, County Commissioner Ex. Officio

Email any comments/concerns to the board of health at

A county board of health is composed of five volunteers selected and appointed by vote of the county commission.

Each member appointed to the county board of health must be a resident of the county.

No more than two members who reside in the same magisterial district may be appointed and no more than two members may be appointed who are personally licensed or certified in, engaged in, or actively participating in the same business, profession or occupation.

No more than three members of a county board of health may belong to the same political party.

Jefferson County Board of Health Meetings are held at 9:00am on the second Friday of each month unless otherwise noted. Click here for meeting Agendas and Minutes.


Board of Health Documents


Agenda Policy

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Date added: 03-26-2019

Clean Indoor Air Regulations 2020-02-14

Size: 3.38 MB
Hits: 107
Date added: 02-25-2020

Environmental Health Fees 2020

Size: 168.47 KB
Hits: 184
Date added: 07-23-2020

JCBOH Resolution_08:28:21

Size: 52.43 KB
Hits: 861
Date added: 08-28-2021

Local Rules, Policies, Procedures revised August 2019

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Date added: 08-30-2019

Local Rules, Policies, Procedures revised September 2020

Size: 138.81 KB
Hits: 82
Date added: 09-15-2020

Local Rules, Policies, and Procedures

Size: 159.14 KB
Hits: 371
Date added: 04-10-2018

Proposed Changes in Rule Regarding Septic Reserve Areas 2020

Size: 65.43 KB
Hits: 197
Date added: 06-12-2020


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