Effective April 1, 2019
Food handlers that possess a current, non-expired food handler card will be able to attend a proctored food handler test, in order to obtain their required food training certificate, rather than attending the food handler class and testing.

What this means:
If a food handler has a current, non-expired food handler card, he or she may read the food handler training booklet and then sign up to attend a proctored food handler test. Each person attending the class must provide their valid, non-expired food card, a photo ID, and sign a provided waiver stating they have read and understood the provided study materials. Upon achieving a passing grade, the food handler will then be issued a food training certificate, which he or she may use to obtain their food handler card during regular food handler card processing days.

What happens if you should not pass the renewal test?
Any persons that attends the proctored test and does not receive a passing grade, will be required to attend Jefferson County Health Departments’ Food Handler Training Class and receive a passing test grade before obtaining their food handler card.

How do I sign up?
Renewal tests are by appointment onlyPlease visit our calendar to determine which test date and time suits your schedule. Once you have read the study materials and select a renewal test date, you may then call 304-728-8416 extension 3021 or 3037 to schedule your appointment.

Information we will need to schedule your appointment:
We will need your first and last name, contact number, and place of employment to schedule your appointment.

You must bring your current, non-expired food handler card, valid photo ID, and sign our statement of understanding (provided during your appointment) to participate in the renewal testing

**Our office is working very diligently to offer our class and renewal test option for those who speak Spanish, but currently our office is only able to offer our class and renewal test in English. We apologize for the delay, as our translators are thoroughly working on this**


Food Handler Guidelines and Training Booklet