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Septic Inspection Checklist

Septic systems must meet design standards which were in effect at the time the system was installed.

All proper forms and applications must be on file at the health department for any septic tank system installed; if the paperwork is not on file the system cannot be approved until the property owner verifies that the system is in compliance with the applicable design standards.


Here are a few of the items for which the Jefferson County Health Department inspects.


  • Well-to-septic distances.
  • Observation portals in each line when chambers are used.
  • Tank baffles.
  • Eight inches of fall from tank outlet to field.
  • Stone to cover top of chambers.
  • Distance to property line.
  • Riser to surface of ground on septic tank with access port.
  • Depth of trench and amount of stone in pipe stone construction trench.
  • Distance to foundations.
  • Use of schedule 40 crush proof pipe from house to tank and from tank to disposal field.
  • Septic tank to be top seam precast concrete or poly.
  • Distance to manmade surface cuts, roads and driveways.
  • Consult WV design standards for full listing.

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