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Private Individual Wells

All private well locations are permitted by this office to ensure compliance with all State and Local Regulations and Ordinances.

Legislative Rule 64CSR19 establishes the certification requirements for water well drillers; pump installers and the issuance of permits for water wells. The purpose is to protect the public health, protect and prevent contamination in groundwater and ensure fair and equitable rules for the construction of water wells and installing pumps and pumping equipment in the State of West Virginia.

A permit to drill, construct, alter or abandon a water well shall be obtained jointly by the water well contractor, and property owner with the Jefferson County Health Department. Application for the permit shall be made at least 15 days prior to the actual well drilling, construction, alteration or abandonment. Within 30 days after the water well has been constructed, altered, or abandoned, the certified well driller shall submit a completion report to the Commissioner, and the health department. The date of construction and time of completion is the date and time the rig is removed or pulled off the borehole or well. The certified well driller who actually performed the construction, alteration or abandonment of the well shall sign the completion report.

Some helpful information about individual wells: all wells must be drilled by a WV Certified Well Operator, all well pumps must be installed by a WV Certified Pump Installer, all well abandonments must be performed by a WV Certified Well Operator, well completion and abandonment reports must be placed on file with the Jefferson County Health Department, and the water well council estimates that a well should produce about 5 gallons per minute to support a household.

List of West Virginia Certified Well Drillers

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