Just 4 weeks until school starts! Our appointment book is filling up quickly, so if your child needs any vaccines before the start of the school year call us today to schedule an appointment.*

How do I know if my child needs any shots?
You may have received a notification from their school, or you can check the state requirements. You can also fax or email us a copy of their shot record for our nurses to review.

I can’t find my child’s shot record. Can you look it up for me?
We have access to West Virginia Statewide Immunization Information System, but that doesn’t guarantee that your child’s healthcare provider uses that system, or that any records found there are complete. We ask parents to check with their child’s current and previous pediatricians as well as any schools they attended to find the most up-to-date copy of their shot record.

What if my child doesn’t have health insurance or our plan doesn’t cover immunizations?
Uninsured and underinsured children age 18 and under may qualify for low-cost services through the West Virginia Vaccines for Children Program.


*New patients will need to submit shot records and insurance information for review and verification before scheduling.

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