Has Injection Drug Use Hurt Your Neighbors, Friends, or Family?  Have You Seen Too Much Death And Disease Related To Injection Drug Use? Would You Like to Help Develop Strategies to Reduce Harm and Improve the Well Being of Our Community?

The Jefferson County Health Department is sponsoring discussions about how to develop effective harm reduction programs for our community. Attend this discussion to learn how you can be part of a community-driven solution for the opioid epidemic!

We would particularly like to speak to and hear from people who have knowledge of injection drug use through:

  • Relationships with friends or family or
  • Direct experience*

Thursday March 1, 7:00 PM       Intro to Harm Reduction and Community Discussion
Jefferson County Community Ministries, 238 W. Washington Street Charles Town

Friday March 2, 6:30 PM Mobile Harm Reduction 101 over Dinner
Free Pizza, Soup, and Salad with Louise Vincent of Urban Survivors Union;
Chestnut Hill United Methodist Church, 1497 Hosteler Road, Harpers Ferry (“On the Mountain”)

 TOPICS: HIV and Hepatitis Prevention        Narcan            Recovery Coaching        Syringe Exchange

* Recognizing that drug users’ input is needed to heal our community, persons with direct injection experience will be invited at the end of the discussion to join a confidential advisory group. The initial discussion is a safe space for the whole community to learn about possibilities for action. Come check it out!

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