Giant hogweed has been spotted for the first time nearby in Virginia.  This invasive plant, which can produce severe burns and blisters, was confirmed in Berryville by the Virginia Cooperative Extension.

Giant hogweed, which is heavily regulated in Virginia, is one of three plants defined as a Tier 1 noxious weed in the commonwealth.  It can be confused with cow parsnip, which is native to West Virginia.

JCHD has contacted the WV Department of Agriculture, alerting them of the Giant Hogweed’s proximity to Jefferson County.  Scientists at WVDA have been monitoring reports of possible hogweed in our state, and so far have detected none.

Citizens can always send suspect hogweed photos, along with location, to e-mail address.  Photos should show as much detail as possible.  Those without computer/camera capabilities can call WVDA-Plant Industries Division (304-558-2212).  SUSPECT HOGWEED PLANTS SHOULD NOT BE HANDLED.

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